Brand Protection Online Europe 2019


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    Registration and morning coffee
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    Chair’s welcome
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    Developing a state-of-the-art online brand protection strategy

    As online and technological environments continue to develop, there are increased openings for brands to reach new customers and expand their profile. But at the same time, counterfeiters and infringers ready to capitalise on the goodwill built by companies see opportunities.

    • Future risks and opportunities: identification, preparation and reaction
    • Managing resources and developing the right external support networks
    • The value to the business: costs versus the ROI of online brand protection
    10:15 am  -  10:45 am
    Networking break
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    Fireside chat
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    Fighting infringement on ecommerce sites

    Established and new marketplaces mean the Internet is an open playground for counterfeiters and infringers. How can brands effectively prioritise, determine where to focus efforts and understand the enforcement options available?

    • Policing and tolerance: balancing business and legal priorities
    • Assessing enforcement options: how to know when, and how, to act
    • Out with the old? The emerging threat from new online marketplaces
    12:00 pm  -  1:15 pm
    Lunch and networking break
    1:15 pm  -  2:15 pm
    Brand protection strategies for social networks and apps

    Social media is now an integral part of business strategy, enabling organisations to maximise online revenue channels. However, as opportunities arise so do threats and risks – all under the watchful eye of the consumer.

    • Cease and desist? Ethical enforcement in the online world
    • Brand reputation: rewriting the rulebook for the social media realm
    • A glimpse into the future and what it means for trademark professionals
    2:15 pm  -  3:15 pm
    Keeping up with a changing domain name landscape

    In an ever-expanding domain name environment, new risks are emerging and rights protection mechanisms are under scrutiny. Being prepared to deal with the implications is crucial for brand owners.

    • Offence or defence? Cutting-edge strategies for domain name policing
    • The Rights Protection Mechanisms review and future of the UDRP: a new enforcement landscape?
    • Looking ahead to the next round of new gTLDs and what it means for brands
    3:15 pm  -  3:45 pm
    Networking break
    3:45 pm  -  4:45 pm
    Data privacy and GDPR: working within the rules

    GDPR and other changes to data privacy laws raise potential issues for rights holders. While it set out to do many positive things, GDPR has had a significant effect on access to WHOIS information.

    • Mitigating the impact of data privacy regimes on enforcement efforts
    • Remaining effective without increasing the cost of policing operations
    • The opportunity for positive ethical marketing
    4:45 pm  -  5:00 pm
    Closing remarks
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    Drinks Reception