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Matthew Bassiur - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Matthew Bassiur
Vice President and Head, Global IP Enforcement, Alibaba Group
Matthew Bassiur is Vice President and Head of Global IP Enforcement at Alibaba Group. He leads a team that works with international brands, retail partners, industry associations, government regulators, law enforcement and other organisations to advance Alibaba Group’s IP protection efforts.

Previously, Mr Bassiur was Vice President and Deputy Chief Security Officer at Pfizer, where he oversaw anti-counterfeiting operations and large-scale investigations. Prior to Pfizer, he was Senior Director for Global Security and Counsel for IP Rights Enforcement at Apple.

Prior to Apple, Mr Bassiur was a Federal Prosecutor in the US Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, where he prosecuted multi-jurisdictional IP crimes. From 1998 to 2006, he was an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where he specialised in the prosecution of IP offences and Asian organised crime. Mr Bassiur has a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law (1998).
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James Beeton - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
James Beeton
Brand Protection Officer, Superdry
James Beeton is the Brand Protection Officer at Superdry PLC, where he is responsible for the detection, investigation and removal of threats to the Superdry brand and its customers. Specialising in online enforcement across numerous marketplaces, social media platforms and domains, Mr Beeton manages the relationship with an external service provider to help Superdry implement its global brand protection strategy.

Mr Beeton has a BA in history (first class) from the University of Birmingham.
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Jennifer Chung - MTA Europe.jpg
Jennifer Chung
General Counsel, AccuWeather
Jennifer Chung is General Counsel at AccuWeather, the world’s largest and fastest-growing weather media company. She provides support across a variety of functions, including IP, licensing, data privacy, ad sales and emerging technologies. Prior to AccuWeather, Ms Chung was Assistant General Counsel at Time Inc, where she managed the company’s global trademark, patent and domain name portfolios.

Previously, Ms Chung served as Assistant Counsel at the New York State Department of Economic Development, providing counsel on state-wide agency matters concerning IP issues, including the I LOVE NY family of service marks and trademarks. She was also an Associate at several local law firms, including Kaye Scholer LLP, an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a Law Clerk to the Honourable Gabriel Gorenstein of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Ms Chung attended Albany Law School and Cornell University.
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Eva Costanini - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Eva Costantini
Attorney At Law, Legal Counsel in charge of Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting, Tonino Lamborghini
Eva Costantini is an Attorney in charge of brand protection and anti-counterfeiting at Tonino Lamborghini Group. She also supports the diplomatic relations between Emilia-Romagna, Italy and Montenegro as a Legal Assistant to the Honorary Consul of Montenegro, Mr Lamborghini. Ms Costantini has a law degree, magna cum laude, and a master’s in IP law and is passionate about international cooperation. She has practised criminal and commercial and IP law in leading Italian law firms and consulting companies, with a focus on white-collar crime, cybercrime, IP matters and corporate transactions. In 2013 she joined the Lamborghini family as In-House Legal Counsel. Since 2017, Ms Costantini has led the Tonino Lamborghini brand protection and anti-counterfeiting project, creating – via an interdepartmental reorganisation – an effective anti-counterfeiting system, including an authentication system, a monitoring system and an enforcement system, for which she is now responsible.
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Pierre Faller - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Pierre Faller
Privacy Counsel, PayPal
James Graham - BPO Europe.jpg
James Graham
Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Johnson Controls
James Graham is Chief IP Property Counsel at Johnson Controls, a Fortune Global 500 company with $23 billion global sales. He is a UK-qualified lawyer with extensive experience of international trademark, patent, design, copyright and other IP matters. Mr Graham has built a world-class in-house IP team of 15 to 20 attorneys and professionals. He has global responsibility for the protection, clearance and enforcement of IP to support business strategies. Mr Graham has managed the IP aspects of complex corporate transactions, including two company separations, a merger and numerous acquisitions and divestitures. He has filed and prosecuted a portfolio of 13,000 trademarks and applications and 8,000 patents and applications. Mr Graham has created an anti-counterfeiting programme, which has resulted in a significant reduction of sales of counterfeits on online trading platforms and targeted enforcement actions against large-scale infringers.
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Alastair Gray - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Alastair Gray
Senior Brand Protection Manager Online, Tommy Hilfiger Global
Alastair Gray is Senior Online Brand Protection Manager at Tommy Hilfiger Global, where he tackles infringement across the global digital environment, including marketplaces, websites and social media. Before moving in-house three years ago, he was an investigator for 11 years, beginning his career at a boutique agency which specialised in trademark and domain name investigations and developed bespoke online brand monitoring programmes for clients from various industries. He then moved to a global investigations consultancy and continued to work on anti-counterfeiting, patent infringement and supply chain diversion projects, as well as cybercrime, whistleblowing and internal fraud investigations. More recently, Mr Gray gave a TED talk on counterfeiting and its links to organised crime and terrorism. He is always keen to promote the message of ‘fighting the good fight’.

Mr Gray studied combined arts (history, English and politics) at Durham University and is trained in advanced open source intelligence gathering.
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Ellen Hughes-Jones BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Ellen Hughes-Jones
Associate, Locke Lord LLP
Ellen Hughes-Jones’ practice covers the full spectrum of IP law matters, with a particular focus on trademark and copyright disputes and trademark portfolio management and strategy. Her clients include some of the world's best-known brands – the world’s leading technology company, the owner and operator of a global chain of amusement attractions, a well-known US drugstore and pharmacy and a successful partnership in musical theatre.

Ms Hughes-Jones also advises brand owners of cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, medical devices, other consumer products and luxury goods in relation to compliance issues, brand strategy, pre and post-publication advertising clearance and suitability of consumer promotional programmes.

Ms Hughes-Jones has contentious experience at both the UK High Court and the UK and EU trademark registry level and also understands the commercial needs of clients, having been on secondment to a multinational pharmaceutical company. She helps clients to identify, protect and utilise their IP to its fullest advantage.
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Michelle Levin - BPO Europe.jpg
Michelle Levin
Assistant General Counsel, Digital and Privacy, Coty
Susan Payne - MTA Europe.jpg
Susan Payne
Head, Legal Policy, Com Laude Group
Susan Payne is a UK-qualified Solicitor and Head of Legal Policy at Valideus for the Com Laude Group. Com Laude is corporate domain name registrar, providing online brand protection and portfolio management for brand owners, while Valideus helps brand owners, communities and businesses to make the most of opportunities presented by dot brand, geographic and new gTLDs.

Ms Payne consults on TLD registry policies and agreements, assists clients in staying compliant with their ICANN obligations and engages in new gTLD policy development. She is currently participating in the ICANN working groups to develop policies on future gTLDs and rights protection mechanisms. Ms Payne is Secretary of ICANN’s IP constituency, an Adviser to the Brand Registry Group and Chair of INTA’s internet subcommittee, which deals with subsequent rounds of new gTLDs and geographic names. Prior to joining Com Laude, Ms Payne was Head of Brand Protection for BBC Worldwide Ltd.
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Peter Ratcliffe.jpg
Peter Ratcliffe
Detective Superintendent, National Fraud Lead, City of London Police
Helen Saunders - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Helen Saunders
Chief Product and Customer Solutions Officer, Incopro
Helen Saunders is the Chief Product and Customer Solutions Officer at Incopro, where she has been helping to successfully develop the business over the past five years. With an academic background in law and experience in law enforcement and the private sector, Ms Saunders holds extensive knowledge of IP protection technology and practice. She has investigated a number of high-profile complex online cases during her career and acted as an expert witness on cases including the 2014 Richemont case on the effectiveness of site blocking.
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Brian Scarpelli - PLAP 2.jpg
Brian Scarpelli
Senior Global Policy Counsel, ACT
Brian Scarpelli is Senior Policy Counsel at ACT | The App Association, where he works on a range of legal and policy issues which affect mobile app development companies, including IP (eg, patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets), privacy, cybersecurity, accessibility and connected health. Prior to joining ACT, Mr Scarpelli worked for more than five years at the Telecommunications Industry Association, a standards-development organisation and trade association which represents telecoms equipment manufacturers and vendors. He has also spent time with the Federal Communications Commission, the District of Columbia Public Service Commission and the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions.
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George Servier - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
George Sevier
Category Head, IP Enforcement, Dyson
George Sevier is Category Head, IP Enforcement at Dyson. He is responsible for enforcing Dyson’s IP rights globally, including identifying and taking action against infringers – both online and offline. Mr Sevier also leads Dyson’s counterfeit strategy team, a cross business group directed at tackling counterfeiting and minimising its effects on customers, the business and the brand.
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Daniel Shapiro - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Daniel Shapiro
Head, Global and Strategic Partnerships, Red Points
Daniel Shapiro brings more than 30 years’ entrepreneurial leadership expertise to Red Points. His keen knowledge in IP comes from his experience in building and leading a global brand protection team for a major marketplace platform. His customer-centric background and leadership expertise create the foundation for building long and prosperous partnerships.
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Måns Sjӧstrand - BPO Europe.jpg
Måns Sjӧstrand
Global Head, IP and Brand Protection, Daniel Wellington
Måns Sjöstrand is Head of IP and Brand Protection at Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington. Daniel Wellington started its sales and marketing efforts online and has devised its anti-counterfeit work accordingly, making the online environment the key arena for its enforcement and investigation activities.

Previously, Mr Sjöstrand was an IP Litigator and a Lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden, representing several major international brands. In his current role, he manages and supervises the company’s global IP and brand protection programme. Mr Sjöstrand is also part of the board of the Swedish Anti-Counterfeit Group.
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Helen Stanwell-Smith 2 - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Helen Stanwell-Smith
Head of Legal, Thomas Cook
Helen Stanwell-Smith is Head of IP at the Thomas Cook Group, responsible for all IP matters in the group, including managing international brand portfolios, IP licensing and brand protection. Prior to joining Thomas Cook in 2018, Ms Stanwell-Smith spent 12 years as Senior Legal Counsel at Orange Group, the global telecoms group, where she led the international brand portfolio and enforcement team and was responsible for global brand registration and enforcement strategy and business-to-business brand licensing. Ms Stanwell-Smith has also worked in-house at the BBC, advising on IP and media issues. Prior to her in-house career she practised media, IP and commercial litigation at Richards Butler LLP (now Reed Smith LLP) and Nabarro LLP.
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Julius Stoobs - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Julius Stobbs
Principal, Stobbs (IP) Limited
Martin Sutton - BPO EUROPE 2019.png
Martin Sutton
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Brand Registry Group
Martin Sutton is Executive Director and a Co-Founder of the Brand Registry Group (BRG). The BRG is a trade association, formed in 2013, to support the interests of major brands that operate or intend to apply for their own dotBrand registries. The association tackles policy and contractual issues within the ICANN arena, where Mr Sutton has been actively engaged for many years, and provides a network for brand owners to develop and share best practices for launching and operating their dotBrand registries.

Prior to BRG, Mr Sutton was a Risk Manager for one of the world’s leading global banks, where he managed the group’s domain name portfolio and the risks associated with online fraud and security, brand protection and enforcement. He also led HSBC's new gTLD programme, including the application for its own registry (.hsbc) and developing its strategic response to the introduction of new gTLDs.
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Zeeger Vink - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Zeeger Vink
IP Director, Maus Freres
Zeeger Vink is IP Director at Maus Frères, which owns several fashion and lifestyle brands, including Lacoste and Gant.

Mr Vink began his career as an Attorney practising in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, focusing on trademark and patent law. He subsequently worked as an In-House IP Counsel at L'Oréal, where he oversaw global IP protection for several brands.

Mr Vink has an LLM from the University of Amsterdam, specialising in IP law and marketing. He teaches IP at Science Po’s School of Management and Innovation’s master’s programme and is a member of INTA’s board of directors. He regularly speaks and writes on topics relating to corporate IP management.
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Giovanni Visintini - BPO Europe 2019.jpg
Giovanni Visintini
Counsel, Brands, BP