Managing Trademark Assets Europe 2019


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    Cost-effective strategic management of trademarks

    As brands grow, new markets open up, the online world expands and social media presence is enhanced, both opportunities and infringement result. However, while responsibilities grow, resources and budgets do not.

    • Driving efficiencies: from registration to enforcement and monetisation

    • Doing more with less: how to effectively prioritise budgets and resources

    • Political risk from Brexit and beyond – preparing for the unknown

    • Audits and reviews, and how to focus efforts without leaving protection gaps

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    Trademarks across the enterprise: communication and presentation

    Legal, business and marketing functions, while coinciding, speak very different languages. Counsel are constantly challenged to foster a corporate understanding and appreciation of trademarks, and to enlist peers, colleagues and suppliers in the ‘pro-brand’ cause.

    • Meeting the needs of different stakeholders, products, locations and countries

    • Getting management and marketing buy-in: how to facilitate a collaborative relationship

    • Creating a brand toolkit – and making internal colleagues your eyes in the market

    • Ensuring awareness and brand consistency across the business, licensees and the supply chain

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    Lunch and networking break
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    Fighting counterfeits with limited budgets

    The price of success is infringement and the Internet has proven a fertile ground for counterfeits and imitators. As trademark professionals continue to toil against illicit trade in all its guises, the borderless nature of the online world has made enforcement far more complicated and costly.

    • Assessing budgetary and business priorities when faced with infringement

    • New approaches to anti-counterfeiting, and enlisting the help of consumers and retailers

    • Tackling goods in transit and best practice for enhancing protection at the borders

    • Let it go, litigate or seek alternative means? Making the right enforcement choice

    14:15  -  15:15
    gTLDs, GDPR and the UDRP: navigating the ever-shifting online enforcement landscape

    The advent of new gTLDS has been the source of headaches for some trademark counsel, but indifference for others. With the first round now in the rear window, preparations are underway for a new application round and the existing protection mechanisms are under scrutiny. Throw in the uncertainty over WHOIS access and implications of data privacy legislation, and counsel are facing an uncertain future – yet one they need to adapt to.

    • GDPR and beyond: what data privacy rules mean for WHOIS access and UDRP strategies

    • Rights protection in review: what the future online enforcement landscape will look like

    • News gTLDS round two: a headache or an opportunity for trademark owners?

    • Balancing cost and efficiency in online enforcement efforts: when do you turn a blind eye?

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    Networking break
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    Ethically managing brand identity and enforcement on social media

    Developing a consistent brand protection strategy for the social media environment is complex – the vast differences in the platforms, formats and their terms and conditions mean that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. Approaches must also be flexible enough to allow the avoidance of backlashes over perceived heavy handedness.

    • Differing strategies across the various social platforms worldwide: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Weibo and beyond

    • Avoiding the corporate bully label: lessons in effective enforcement

    • When, why and how to make an example of infringement

    • What to do when enforcement efforts go viral and threaten brand reputation

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