• Tuesday, March 5, 2019
    10:30  -  11:10
    Networking break
    11:10  -  12:15
    New approaches to an old problem: fighting infringement on ecommerce sites

    With access to established and new marketplaces, the Internet is a proven ferocious playing ground for counterfeiters and infringers. Brands need to prioritise, determine where to focus efforts, and understand the enforcement options available.

    • The old and the new: the rise of new ecommerce marketplaces

    • Creating a policing strategy and determining tolerance levels

    • Setting priorities and obtaining business buy-in and participation

    • Target intermediaries or sellers? Assessing enforcement options

    12:15  -  13:15
    Lunch and networking break
    13:15  -  14:15
    A nuanced approach to enforcement: strategies for social networks and apps

    While social media is an integral part of business strategy and enables organisations to maximize revenue from online channels, it also presents new threats and risks—all within the gaze of the consumer.

    • Take down, engage, or let it go? Ethical enforcement in action

    • Managing brand reputation: the do’s and don’ts of social interaction and reaction

    • Overcoming the challenges posed by messaging and classified ad apps

    • Managing the knowns and the unknowns: what the future looks like

    14:15  -  15:15
    Domain name management: navigating a changing landscape

    As the domain name environment continues to expand, rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) are under scrutiny and new risks are emerging. Brand owners need to be prepared and ready to deal with the implications.

    • The future of new gTLDs: what is in store for brand protection

    • How the RPMs review could result in a new enforcement landscape

    • Balancing freedom of speech and right to enforce: when websites go rogue

    • Determining when action is unavoidable and when it would be a risk

    15:15  -  15:55
    Networking break
    15:55  -  17:00
    Working within the rules: data privacy and navigating GDPR

    Recent changes to data privacy laws, including the recently enforced GDPR, raise potential impacts for rights holders’. While the GDPR sets out to do many good things, its potential impact on WHOIS is currently under the microscope.

    • The implications of data privacy on enforcement efforts

    • The future of WHOIS access: what happens next?

    • How to stay within the rules and remain effective without increasing costs

    • Managing brand reputation when a privacy breach occurs

    17:00  -  17:15
    Closing remarks
  • Monday, October 14, 2019
    08:00  -  09:00
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    09:00  -  09:15
    Chair’s welcome
    09:15  -  10:30
    Developing a state-of-the-art online brand protection strategy
    As online and technological environments continue to develop, so do the opportunities for brands. But at the same time, so do the openings for counterfeiters and infringers ready to capitalise. • Future risks and opportunities: identification and reaction • Managing resources and the need for external support • The value to the business