The 2017 programme will provide a unique and thought provoking agenda for both delegates and speakers alike encompassing both brand value creation as well as protection. The provisional programme is as follows:

  • Thursday, December 7, 2017
    08:15  -  09:00
    09:00  -  09:10
    Welcome address
    Part 1: Building and quantifying value
    09:10  -  09:30
    Keynote speech: Shaping the brand environment
    Brands do not operate in a vacuum, and an IP-friendly environment which facilitates innovation and value creation is critical to success. In this keynote speech, an industry leader expands on the country’s current and future brand vision, considering how an IP-friendly ecosystem is being advanced, the efforts undertaken to protect and sustain brand value, and how companies themselves can contribute to these efforts.
    09:30  -  10:30
    Creating and measuring brand value
    At the heart of brand creation and protection endeavours is the need to build and protect value. Too often, different company functions exist in silos, when true success in these endeavours requires a co-ordinated, multi-stakeholder strategy. The starting point is defining what value actually is.

    • New approaches to value creation: the business of brand and trademarks

    • Building in brand awareness and protection throughout the value chain

    • How you quantify – and communicate – return on investment in brand protection endeavours

    10:30  -  11:00
    Networking break
    Part 2: Brand protection boot camp
    11:00  -  12:00
    Maximising the chances of court success
    Two years on from the creation of specialised IP courts, higher damages awards are being granted and consistency in decisions is improving. Crucially, by strategizing litigation actions from the outset, enforcement actions can become truly ‘win-win’ – maximising the chances of success in individual cases and bolstering brand identity in China.

    • Forum shopping: how to maximise the chances of litigation success

    • Achieving well-known status, and how to practically benefit from it

    • Damages and remedies: turning the legal function into a profit centre

    12:00  -  13:15
    Enforcement boot camp: Interactive scenario planning
    In this interactive session, a panel of international and domestic experts will discuss approaches to enforcement scenarios, exchanging best practice, shining a light on how to work effectively with enforcement partners and sharing cutting-edge strategies.

    • Customs conundrums: evolving approaches as infringers adapt their tactics

    • Anti-counterfeiting raids: working with authorities outside the major centres

    • Investigating the investigators: measuring and monitoring the work of partners in the field

    13:15  -  14:20
    Lunch and networking break
    Part 3: Maximising reputation and value
    14:20  -  15:20
    Building and managing reputation online
    The management of reputation online is often reactive rather than proactive. From brand identity building to policing and takedown, careful strategizing from the outset will enhance brand protection and value creation efforts – and lessen the likelihood of a fatal blow to brand integrity.

    • Building an online identity: navigating the social media environment

    • Managing reputation: when to let go and when to enforce

    • Fighting the infringers: new approaches to online takedown

    15:20  -  15:50
    Networking break
    15:50  -  16:50
    Maximising value through brand monetisation
    The trademark function has a critical role to play in brand monetisation efforts, whether through traditional models such as licensing or franchising or the creation of brand partnerships between domestic and international companies.

    • Planning market expansion: legal, business and brand identity considerations

    • Sourcing and collaborating with new commercial partners: contractual must-haves

    • Audits and reviews: assessing success (and managing failures)

    16:50  -  17:10
    Closing keynote: Brand valuation and collateralisation – what it means for trademark professionals
    China has been a driving force on the standards for brand valuation, with a number of trademark-backed loans reported by the State IP Office. In this closing keynote, the practical financial payback of strong brands, how Chinese companies are leveraging this value to facilitate international expansion and the role of trademark counsel in facilitating transactional success are explored.
    Keynote Speaker:
    17:10  -  18:45
    Closing drinks reception