With contributions from some of the foremost thought leaders from the region, the 2019 programme will provide a unique and thought-provoking agenda for delegates and speakers alike, encompassing both value creation as well as protection and overall brand strategy.

The 2019 programme is as follows:

  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019
    09:45  -  09:50
    Welcome address
    09:50  -  10:20
    The view from the top: policy perspectives on the brand environment
    In this interactive session, an industry thought leader hosts an onstage Q&A with one or two leading Chinese officials. The discussion will explore recent changes to the Chinese brand landscape and provide rights holders with critical insights into the future environment being created to domestic and international companies.
    10:20  -  11:15
    Brand building and bad faith: enhancing protection programmes

    China’s trademark office has been dealing with historically unparalleled levels of applications and, while many are legitimate, the issue of bad faith filings continues to pose challenges to brands. With that in mind, industry experts will assess efforts to regulate trademark applications, consider the rights portfolio strategies that can be employed to ringfence brands and present the latest tactics for fighting back against bad faith filings.

    • How the authorities are coping with demand and tackling bad faith filings
    • Strategic considerations for rights holders faced with brand squatting
    • Clearance conundrums – developing and registering new and unique brand names
    11:15  -  11:45
    Networking break
    11:45  -  12:45
    Administrative enforcement best practice: real world insights

    Administrative enforcement remains a key part of the rights holders’ armoury. Across a series of presentations focused on different stages of administrative action, an interactive discussion will explore and present tips for ensuring that actions are timely and effective.

    • Preparing for action: maximising the chances of success before initiating action
    • In the field: best practice for working with local enforcement authorities
    • After the case: the PR and politics of enforcement efforts
    12:45  -  13:45
    Networking lunch
    13:45  -  14:45
    Litigating for success: top tips from market experts

    Trademark litigation is not just about the rights and wrongs – employing the right strategy is key to maximising the chances of court success, from initial steps through to the enforcement of judgements.

    • Evidence gathering and preservation orders: building the case
    • Civil versus criminal: case studies in litigation best practice
    • Recovering damages awards – the tools and tactics available to rights holders
    14:45  -  15:15
    Networking break
    15:15  -  16:15
    Online enforcement: platform perspectives

    Building, managing and protecting identity online is a prerequisite for all brands doing business in China. However, the challenges of doing so is complicated by both the evolving methods of infringers and the reliance on platforms and other stakeholders to assist in these endeavours. Over the course of an hour, key platforms will provide updates on their enforcement tools and insight into how brands can more effectively collaborate with them, before fielding audience questions.

    • How rights holders can better enforce on key online platforms
    • Big data and how protection professionals can benefit from it in the real world
    • The new e-commerce law: game changer or business as usual?
    16:15  -  17:00
    Brand strategy knowledge exchange

    Domestic and international brands are faced with the same opportunities and threats when doing business in China. In this high level dialogue, experts from a range of brand owners explain how they approach business marketing and messaging, explore collaboration opportunities and share best practice on reputation management.

    • Best practice in working with Chinese authorities and associations
    • Learning from each other: opportunities for cross-brand collaborations and sharing
    • What the future holds for domestic and foreign brands – and how to capitalise
    17:00  -  18:30
    Closing drinks reception