With contributions from some of the foremost thought leaders from the industry, the 2020 programme will provide a unique and thought-provoking agenda for delegates and speakers alike, encompassing both value creation as well as protection and overall brand strategy. 

The 2020 programme is as follows:


  • Monday, February 24, 2020
    09:00  -  10:00
    10:00  -  11:00
    Brand creation and commercialisation

    The Indian retail market is projected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2020, making canny brand creation, execution and marketing strategies essential for commercial success. Failure to develop such an approach can lead to costly, reputation-damaging missteps.

    • IP India update: the state of play with trademark and design protection
    • Franchising and licensing: the keys to brand monetisation success
    • Lessons in advertising: staying the right side of the rules
    11:00  -  11:30
    Networking break
    11:30  -  12:30
    Enforcement masterclass

    In this interactive session, a panel of international and domestic experts will discuss enforcement strategies, offering best practice tips and shining a light on how to work effectively with partners.

    • Customs conundrums: evolving approaches as infringers adapt their tactics
    • Anti-counterfeiting efforts: working with enforcement authorities and investigators
    • Parallel imports: Indian and international perspectives
    12:30  -  13:30
    Networking lunch
    13:30  -  14:30
    Strategising for litigation success

    Trademark litigation is just one of a suite of dispute resolution options available to combat infringement. However, once initiated, only a nuanced strategic approach at every stage will lead to courtroom success.

    • From ADR to court actions: choosing the right dispute resolution approach
    • Building the case: investigations, surveys, witnesses and cutting-edge evidence strategies
    • You have won the case – what next? Handling appeals and collecting damages
    14:30  -  15:00
    Networking break
    15:00  -  16:00
    From e-commerce to retail ecosystems

    India is one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce hotspots, with consumers open to embracing new technology and sales routes. However, this bring both opportunity and risk for brands – and provides a fertile playground for infringers.

    • The data dimensions of online brand presence and policing
    • Policing e-ecommerce marketplaces: the dos and don’ts
    • Managing brands in the retail ecosystem: a multi-faceted approach

    16:00  -  16:15
    Networking break
    16:15  -  17:15
    Fight for your right to publicity

    Rising social media usage means that it is increasingly difficult for brands to control their own content, reputation and identity. In this environment, it is critical that companies develop a nimble and responsive approach to brand management and protection in the social media environment.

    • How to effectively monitor brand use and misuse in the social media environment
    • To act or not to act? Strategic decision-making for formulating infringement responses
    • An opportunity not just a risk: brand positioning and engagement tips
    17:15  -  18:30
    Closing Reception